The drinks real contents from a person who's made them:

Blue schnapps (blue's not just a coulour, its a flavour too)
Tripple Sec
Baccardi 151
Captain Morgain's Spiced Rum
Skyy Vodka
Orange juice concentrate
Pinapple juice
These Stackpole Strongarms are smooth and and good looking in their neon green, but wait until tomorrow when they'll hit you like nothing you ever expected.
by "Mr. Studly" Stackpole himself October 23, 2005
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Top Definition
When recieving subpar fellatio, you sweeten the deal by punching her in the stomach, in theory making said mediocre blow job better (we're not sure how; ask Stackpole).
Q: Donkey punch? Yeah, that's when a chick's giving you head and you punch her the stomach, right?
A: No, that's a Stackpole Strongarm.
by Stackpole April 23, 2005
a mixed drink:
blue raspberry vodka
pineapple juice
Bacardi 151
That gay Hawaiian can't carry a rifle, but he sure can make a swell Stackpole Strongarm.
by the Mexican April 23, 2005

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