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inclined to stab or appearing inclined to stab, at persons or things through aggravation or other stabworthy moods.
I'm so fucking pissed off at my job that I just want to go stabbity on my coworkers
by drunkenmarauder January 22, 2008
1) having the stabbing nature; excessively tending towards repeated stabbing motions

2) pernicious and beastly; irritating in the extreme; prickly in nature
"Damn, I bought these pants and cut off the tags, but there's still this stabbity little tag dangly embedded in a seam: can't get it out."

"She's a stabbity little whore, isn't she? Doesn't let the slightest thing go without a snarky comment."
by Firebottle December 20, 2004
adj., to be sharp and possibly used to stab. OR n. Dangerous, threatening object with pointy origin/devices.
"She grinned as she grabbed a stabbity fork and began to stalk forward." OR "She grabbed the stabbity and I started to run."
by DescarteZ October 04, 2009

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