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someone who is so amazing, incredible, awesome, smart, "lame", funny, and pretty much frkin perfect.
- the guardian of tequito
- st-end
- the other lina
by Conditioner August 28, 2008
a word used for every thing
i wanna stend you

wanna go stending tonight ?

thats some cool stend you got there

i dont stend
by the stender October 13, 2009
a name for a best friends. combining the second half of the words best and friends using "st" and end" to make stend. also goes along with befri.
Liz: Jamie is my BeFri!

Jamie: Liz is my StEnd!
by thebestoftheworst June 30, 2009
When a person is one step closer to committing suicide. Particularly after being insulted or shut down.

Come from the words Step and End, take the S and T from step and putting it in from of end to make Stend.
"Dude shut the fuck up, you suck" Said person A "Stend" says person B
by Flac March 05, 2009
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