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Sarcastic smiley face. Ever hate it when you're texting someone and you try to be sarcastic, but they just don't get it? That's what ssf is for.
Dude, I love you... ssf
by Lil' Wayne Mang May 20, 2009
An orgy involving 4 people of the Quaker belief having anal sex. Usually the blood is collected in a flask and swallowed by those involved. This is supposed to symbolize the purification of the human soul and tolerance of pain which supposedly will bring those in the ssfs closer to god. Also known as 'FRIENDly sex', 'Bleeding the sheep', and 'Passafist sex'.
Me and my quaker buddies are gonna bleed the sheep tonight, ssfs style.
by Alberta February 07, 2007
SSF stands for single swag forever, meaning that you are having too much fun being single to even think about becoming in a relationship. Also it's a good saying after you have recently broken up to show that you don't care about being single.
Friend in a relationship: Why don't you just settle down with someone, its real great!
Me: I'm on that single swag forever, I don't need anyone. SSF all the way!

Recently single girl: Thank god I can be on my SSF without that loser boyfriend.
by ssfgirl March 09, 2012
Super Super Fine; sexy; b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l, finger lickin good.
Damn that girl is SSF!
by Jamaris November 05, 2006
Saturday Sausage Fest
Man 1: Man, you going to the ssf.
Man 2: Yea...
Man 3: Don't forget the lube
by vomit_comet April 10, 2009

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