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Silently Sniggering Down My Sleeve.

The slightly more adult and accurate version of "lol" as everyone knows that when someone is laughing out loud, no real noise is being made.
omg! I'm ssdms!
by goodweekend September 22, 2010
Same Shit Different Month

Similar to ssdd but in this case its something you only do monthly but you still hate doing it.
"Hey is there anything new going on for this month?"


"Oh that sucks hope next month is better"
by Kung Pow Cow September 04, 2011
Same Spiel Different Movie. This is when an actor or actress plays the exact same type of character in two (or more) different movies.
Tom: Hey Ash, Michael Cera ALWAYS plays the exact same character. He's always this timid little guy who gets pushed around. I mean, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, Superbad, Year One, Juno- he only plays one type of character.

Ash: Classic case of SSDM.
by TheBossOfYou September 27, 2009
sniggering silently down my sleeve. when you don't want to lol because you are simply not that sort of person. yet 'hahahahaha' doen't quite cut it and writing 'i am laughing' seems sterile.
ssdms, you are ridiculous
by jfjhdihbhshhjsv September 22, 2010
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