Same Shit, Different Spelling

(Same Stuff, Different Spelling, if you're forced to give a politically correct version.)
The new guy totally sucks. I thought he was gonna be different than the old guy, but really, it's SSDS.
by ssds3 March 19, 2009
stands for Stupid Sasquatch Syndrome. Typically, people with this disease are extremely tall and fall down often. Their intelligence is highly affected because they are so tall and the blood has a hard time traveling to the brain. Another side-affect is that SSD'ers like to tackle handicapped people. SSD'ers named their own disease and did not (and still don't) realize that Syndrome does not start with a D and that the acronym does not fit.
The doctor diagnosed me with SSD after I tackled a handicapped kid in the next room.
by RightSaidFredYOUKNOWIT:) February 28, 2011
Suck Some Dick
YO you douche go SSD.
by DaTKiDUnStopable September 24, 2009
Senior skip day
"Hey, whos in for a SSD on friday?"
by M. Hunt May 07, 2009
An abreviation for the Executor class Star Dreadnought (Star Wars), commonly called a "super star destroyer".

A gigantic 17.6 km (11 mile) battleship, the first example, Executor, was Darth Vader's flagship during the Empire Strikes Back.

The second SSD, Lusankya, was secretly buried under the surface of Coruscant, and later, under the control of a cloned Palpatine, burst up out of the planet and rose to space, killing some hundreds of millions in the process.
The SSD Executor punched out of hyperspace surrounded by six ISDs which looked like dinky toys by comparison.
by Dirge September 29, 2004
Spontaneous Shirt Diving... Can also replace Shirt with Skirt.
The act of spontaneously sticking your head up one's shirt/skirt.
Logan, an SSD expert, strategically shoved his head up Elisabeth's shirt.
by Seraph_Six March 21, 2004
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