a group of six girls who are considered as the six sexy chicks of the city
Girl-hey im haveing 5 of my friends over and so there will be 6 of us, it will be funn

Guy-noo thanks, i would rather chill with the SSC
by Nikis Drunk February 03, 2008
it is just randomly SSC
by tommy bizzle January 09, 2005
stowe solid crew
HCP are a buch of faggots i don't think you understand who you are fucking with!
by Ed Dennis January 25, 2004
SAME SEX COUPLE. This acronym stands for same sex couples but it's just abbreviated.
Person 1: Have you seen Harry Styles clover tattoo?

Person 2: You been the one that says 'SSC'?

Person 1: I sure do! :)))
by narrystylan July 02, 2016
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