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girlfriends of the bromance couple, who compare notes and learn they have much more in common than they ever thought.
Liz: Hey Kathy, you know Dave went camping with the boys last night and totally blew me off?

Kathy: Yea... i was curious about it too. Tom went...When I randomly dropped by it was just a bunch of guys deep in bonding rituals looking annoyed at me... Do you think that's normal?

Liz: I dunno... it's been happening every weekend.

Kathy: Dave gets out of his bed at 3 in the morning to talk to go grab a bite randomly cuz he's hungry?

Liz: *sigh* What you want me to do? It's not like it's a woman he's talking to... they're bffs... How do I argue that case without telling Dave i think he's gay? :/

Kathy: Well at least we can seek consolation in our little sromance.
by bombshell08 November 29, 2010

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