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the best creation of god
she takes my breath away...what a srishti!!!
by opalanddiamonds April 16, 2011
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An Indian girl who has black hair and goergeous brown eyes. Really smart, funny, and athletic. Can be talkative. Awesome person to be around.
Wow, I wish I were a Srishti!
by ElmerGlue October 22, 2011
A beautiful charming girl who can get agressive at times when she needs to. A srishti stands up for her friends and loved ones. A srishti is a princess who can turn into a nightmare when provoked.
Girl: I wish I could be like srishti
by srangererer December 27, 2014
a person who makes squeaky noises with a pipe
OMG! Don't be a Srishti! You'll give me a headache!

She's such a Srishti!
by Just Use Me As A Coaster January 26, 2009
An Indian girl who is a compulsive liar, drug abuser and cheater. She also has a nasally voice and doesn't believe in showering.
Rebecca: "I'm a nationally ranked swimmer... but only in Georgia"
Gigi: "Stop being such a Srishti"
by fack them all March 30, 2011

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