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adj. Southern African slang term for mis-aligned, off-center.
That picture on the wall is squonk. You should fix it.
by Chris Kreft March 27, 2008
15 5
An Awesome Genesis song from the album, Trick of the Tail.....
Just get it and listen.....
by DRBJimmy July 12, 2003
26 9
A mythical bird that is covered in warts who continously weeps in self-pity.
I saw a squonk sitting on one of the pumps at the gas station.
by Blue Junglist December 18, 2004
34 18
Noun: The sound created by someone learning a new (particularly brass, string, or woodwind) instrument; halfway between a squawk and a honk.

Verb: Typically preceding the ability to "practice" an instrument.
"She tried to play middle C, but all she got was a squonk."

"I used to be a good saxophonist, but now all I can do is squonk."

"The neighbors' kid squonked on that trumpet all afternoon!"

"Will that squonking never cease?"
by Rozax July 08, 2013
1 0
A dick fart, much like a queef yet quieter and cheesier.
"Dude, I squonked all up in her grill!"
6 6
Performed by a woman after an unprotected clunge-plunging session. The act of firing out the man's splooge from their vertical smile using the vaginal muscle contraction. Not recommended by those seeking pregnancy.

Also: Squonking; Squonked; Squonks; Squonkette
*Are you going to squonk it out when I'm done?

*That lassy loves Squonking over the bog after a good session.

*Family planning, no need, she's a Squonker.

*That little cowbag Squonked all over my creme carpet.

*After boning, she always Squonks it out into her hand.

*Watch her with your bedsheets, she's a right little Squonkette.
by 5iWa September 11, 2010
5 9
see squiff.
by anonymous September 19, 2003
5 11