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A girl who is looking for nuts. Just like a squirrel.
Person 1: Dude that girl is a major slut.
Person 2: I know she is straight squirrelin'.
by squirrels123 April 09, 2011
the act of trying to catch a nut in a sexual way.
the guy in the club was squirrelin on that hoe hardcore
by kaley and becca February 13, 2011
When a person is working very aggressively to attract a mate. Generally increased with alcohol and time.
Yo he's squirrelin' so harddd.
I know and she's not intrerested at all.
by Squirrel Master69 December 23, 2010
adj; A way of describing a person, object or event as going crazy; NUTZ!!!
"Dam that party last night, shit was squirrelin'"

Guy 1:"Dude wheres your girl"
Guy 2:"OH. I left that bitch, she was squirrelin'"

"I got that girl squirrelin' on my nuts"!!!
by Mr.Dirty951 May 11, 2010
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