the act of playing with a mans balls or "nuts".
Dude squirrel jobs are amazing! She plays with your nuts, and not the ones you store for the winter!!
by random commentary December 12, 2009
Top Definition
The act of a man or woman letting a squirrel run around on his or her genitalia, in order for that person to get off...
"Let's go obtain an awesome fucking squirrel so we can get a most excellent squirrel-job."

"Dude how long has it been since we've had a squirrel-job?"
by The bogester, Herbert Bonabanger January 19, 2006
The act of taking the scrotum and testicles into ones mouth and putting the testicles into opposite cheeks. This may involve one or more sets of testes and include making a squirrel like smacking sounds.
Kathys' face is so chubby and bumpy it always looks like she's doing a three way squirrel-job.

The stag party in Vegas was awesome she went straight from a nut splitter, to a peeps-challenge to a full blown squirrel job.
by Nutty-Tech September 03, 2014
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