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When a woman shaves her pubic hair but neglects to trim her asshole.
I never seen anything like it, I turned the bitch around and seen a 4 inch squirrel tail.
by Dreass December 11, 2005
1. The tail of a Squirrel.

2. Intramurals Dynasty at Southern Adventist University.
Hey look! Those Squirrel Tails would make a great keychain!
by JoeyFuller December 07, 2009
A noun described to a male/female when they have a lot of hair around there pubic region.
Joe: Hey Chris, how was sally the other night?

Chris: Weird as hell bruh, she had a squirrel tail!

Joe: Ouch..

Chris: I know..
by Jack523 June 24, 2011
when a guy wearing briefs drops his pants and pulls his briefs up tight and narrow around his junk letting the pube-fro hang out the sides, giving a white stripe up the middle and darker fur to the sides. it works best while presenting head level to someone, by standing on a table or straddling a chair. pumping also helps.
"jimbo got up on the table in the middle of the party and sported the squirrel tail and we got kelly to turn around just in time to get a face full of squirrel tail."
by mungpo February 01, 2010
The steamy shape created when you fart outside in the cold. Farts,like your breath, are not always invisible, (girls).
I was freezing at the bus stop this morning and this guy farted. You should have seen the squirrel tail coming out of his butt. It was crazy huge!
by The Curly Reds February 11, 2008
This is the term for the thin line of trimmed hair on a woman's pubus or pussy. It is a little thicker than a landing strip.
When I pulled off her panties I was pleasantly pleased to see she had a nicely trimmed squirrel tail.
by Bill Bliss December 25, 2004
The patch of hair in a mans armpit.
I went to snap off that bitches bra and she had squirrel tails under each arm
by TXMorgan May 07, 2007
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