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the quote "crazy guy" in jail that saves your anal virginity by letting you be his bitch for no charge.
Squirrel Master: " I heard you're gonna be raped by nasty nate?

guy: "Yeah, can you save me? And if so what do I have to give you?"

Squirrel Master: "Nah man, I got your back. Just watch out in the shower"
by lalahsghost February 19, 2004
adj 1) to be "squirrel mastered"
2) To have a great opportunity to knock some boots with a member of the opposite sex and someone swoops in and takes your prize with no notice and no time to react.

Definition based off the situation in "Half Baked" between Kenny, Nasty Nate and the Squirrel Master where the "squirrel master" saves kenny from Nasty Nate taking his cocktail fruit.
When your working on a 3-some on new years eve and out of nowhere a lesbian comes flying in saying "thats my threesome bitch", you just got "squirrel mastered" ala the lesbian.
by b-rizzle23 October 26, 2006
1. the master of all squirrels
2. the proper name for a ferret
3. a particularly bad chest and tooth infection which causes hair growth of a rapid rate from the anus.
I ate a squirrel master once and now im a ferret.
by Gerald November 28, 2003
A person that displays the following physical and mental characteristics: permed hockey mullet, wears pop bottle glasses, trailer park style white trash, old bag, pedafile, teaches her little kid to play grab ass, looks like a squirrel and tries to get nuts, always shares her sex life or lack of sex life, its been said that love is a bag away, well for the squirrel master it is more like love is a body bag away.
Cindy at the coffee pot is the squirrel master.
by ??? April 22, 2003
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