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Literally a guy with nutz the size of a squirrel's... Too scared to pull the trigger.
Brock: See that girl at the end of the bar?

Rod: Yeah

Brock: Total smokeshow.

Rod: Go talk to her. She's hot, seems normal too.

Brock: Nah, think I'm just gonna hang here. She probably has a boyfriend.

Rod: Who the f*ck cares, Squirrel Nutz.
by akarod September 01, 2009
Iowa dwelling person ; plays a lot of CS and Warcraft III, often chats on MSN and MIRC. Master at any game he plays, and keeps it real with the ladies.
SquirrelNutz, sex me up you animal!
by SquirrelNutz June 06, 2004
A dirty old farmer from Iowa who cannot keep his damn mouth shut. He often fucks up other's nicks.

See pug

(a small, weak person that talks shit, but never does anything)
stfu squirrelnutz, you fucking talk too much.
by FuQ June 30, 2004

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