Squirelly is another word for turned on or horny. It is derived from squirels or other woodland creatures that have a lot of sex and are always wrestling around with each other. Its meant to be kind of kinky.
girl- "I'm getting squirelly cuddling with you"
guy- "I'm gettin squirelly too"
girl- "Lets go to your room"
guy- "Okay" *Score

by Whittaker Crest July 10, 2008
Top Definition
- a word describing a person or a thing that is strange or distant from reality. it is the same as calling someone a nut.
This teacher keeps touchin me. I think he's gone a little squirelly
by nikefball82 October 20, 2008
Crazed, wacked out dog whose rear legs fully extend past the front two while in a full-out running motion. When on grass, turf flies left, right and center. Can be caused by screaming a spastic "squirelly" multiple times until the dog flips out. Must emphasize that it must be screamed as: "squir-leeeeeeeeee" over and over, with enough force to make your face turn red.
Look ma, that dogs gone squirelly.
by Skawt N. October 21, 2005
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