Thae last little dribble of sperm after sex. Can also refer to a man of small stature that feels the need to overcompensate by putting down small children and his immediate employees so he can feel better about being short.
Honey..there is a litte squink... and ...That guy I work for is a real squink!
by Tannasg April 27, 2005
a wet fart, one that you can literally feel liquids coming from your ass when you fart
Ahh man I squinked myself while on that roller-coaster
by bomchikkayea February 04, 2008
a poorly produced conccoction that is passed off as methamphetamine, an extremely low grade verson of.
i thought i was getting some shards ,but john sold me the low grade squink. boo.

john says, "when it comes to quality, squink is only good if you shoot it."
by hahaUfreak January 27, 2010
perspiration of the genetles
Oh man, its so hot that I can smell my own squink juice.
by Kabugat August 27, 2006

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