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The number of bugs in a typical microsoft product
There are squillions of bugs in this typical microsoft product
by XwipeoutX May 11, 2004
A word which can be used to indicate a large amount of some thing. Much larger than a million but smaller than a zillion
I've got a squillion tadpoles in my garden.
There must be a squillion ants in my undies!
by ~*~Ambz~*~ March 21, 2006
Dance music producer from New Zealand, AKA Dylan Hutchison, producing Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Jungle, Psytrance, Electro and other electronica.
At the Dance Party we heard a producer called Squillion.
by Squillion August 02, 2011
An unknown number often associated with the term infinity.
I love you squillions
by Hughesie June 20, 2010
A bajillion million.
Q is in a squillion channels
by Ant December 21, 2003
1/10 of a pound (sterling)
"You'll owe me a squillion pounds!"

This equates to 10 pence.
by WhatASquillionIs July 20, 2009