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Black squirrels that are only found in certain areas like Westfield, Mass. These squirrels kick the asses of students and gray squirrels.
Damn bitch I love dem squiggaz
by Lizaura November 06, 2003
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Derived from a text post when the author told a short narrative about a black man calling a squirrel a 'squigga'
Squirrel: Yo, my squigga!
by The rebellious Amish January 01, 2015
When you chilling at the park and the hood fuck with you hard but you a squirrel.
Yo did you see that squigga cop that sweet apple out of the garbage?
by winklefamilyvalues February 10, 2015
A modification of the name "Squiggy," of Laverne & Shirley fame, that lends itself perfectly to rap music.
I's da biggest ain' no bigga; Got my nine, on da trigga; Wid my homies, Lenny an' Squigga.
by John To-A-Ster November 06, 2009
african squirl
yo look at that squigga over there on the tree
by da fat shet January 08, 2015
Squirrelly ass nigga
Squigga, what are you doin that don't go there?!
by Smeazy March 18, 2015
A person mixing the word squirrel and nigga to make squigga
I just heard a black guy call a squirrel a squigga
by joobyloobydooby July 29, 2015

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