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The word squigg is an alternative for words like; slut, whore, tramp, dirty-pig, etc. I've come to use this term so much I refer to every girl as a squigg. Sisters, cousins, friends, etc... if they're female.. they're a squigg!
1. I tag-teamed these 2 squiggs last night.

2. Check out the squiggs over at the bar!

3. I know a squigg that gives awsome head.
by Chris Martin October 06, 2004
A young, often good looking, usually slutty, girl. 'Squiggs' are usually much younger then the person using the term.
Person 1: "So did you fuck her?"
Person 2: "Yeahh, but she was a squigg so it was no problem"
by LaChLaN-m September 26, 2006
a black squirrel
"that squigg stole nuts from other squirrels"; "check out how fast that squigg is"; "did you see the nuts on that squigg?!"
by Bobert Bobinson April 13, 2010
A guy who gets way more women then anybody else while sharking.
Q: Bro have you heard of that squiggs whos takin all the ladies?
A: Yeah he gets way more puss than meathead joe, chris, or balls... Combined.

by Guess Who 32 August 02, 2006
Slang for cigarette
Im gonna go smoke a squigg

Aka cigarette, smoke, cig, grit
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