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10 definitions by gaydos

The most dominant sports franchise in the the history of the universe, the parallel galaxies, and the dream land galaxies.
Sampson: And the Squiggely Squigglers have won their 8234242230932093832498329999844339284398420948242904823423984234984244320948240928429842930898398022398439992890838439820934839829084938239483920834398239829084304928424982420492842420498234230928424092842094284294084092824982348220498342092842098424092842092853098209384980309383059835359836038290288208220984209224908284209482842948209482492304824092842 championship
by gaydos October 25, 2003
Ruler of Gaydos land. The great Gaydos.
muslim bitch: I cant mess with the Almighty Gaydos, he will kill me.
quasdran: yea u dont want to mess with him.
by Gaydos October 19, 2003
A female's genitalia. A vagina.
President Hoover: Damn nigga, she must have a fat riitt.
by Gaydos November 14, 2003
The Wise-ass land secret service. Have stolen many documents from Irish quartering houses and started the Black Panther movement.
Brick Popper: The Ostrige Pragade will get you if you dont keep your chimney clean during the holidays.
by Gaydos November 14, 2003
to stab a fork into something...
Crispus: why are u adeenixing the hard fertile soil?
Timm Robbins: Because of the fly catcher that is under the ground eating my left over cookies from last wednesday's episode of lets make a deal.
by gaydos October 25, 2003
thank you; to thank
Pop Warner: Here's your frapachino Mr. Obalitounge
Mr.Obalitounge: granitz
by Gaydos October 19, 2003
A dwarf in the forests of Gaydos land who live in tree trunks and when at night will steal things from other lifeforms.
Hubilowendo: At about 2:30 AM Pentiz time the Moogilies will come out.

Slick Willy: Ah, shit nah.
by Gaydos November 14, 2003