Adjective: A way to describe someone who is weak in character. (e.g. a little bitch)
- Yo, give me back my cornflakes you SQUIDDY ass bitch! or
- So i was talking with this real SQUIDDY motherfucker... or
- Don't be actin' all SQUIDDY...little squiddy ass baby-back bitch.
by H Izzy September 24, 2006
man with very small penis
does suss shit to dog and other animals
by Lickiss December 11, 2003
his penis looks like a squid
by squiddy loves dick June 29, 2003
In Autumn when it's dull and grey and cloudy and it's been raining and everythings squiddy. Kinda like squishy.... maybe that's what I meant...
eeeew, the leaves are squiddy
by Scott August 24, 2004
someone who takes it up the poopshoot
look at that squiddy
by squiddy4hotmansex September 07, 2003
n. The act of a man ass-fucking another man, ejaculating in his asshole, and conveniently grabbing the nearest straw, and sucking his own sperm out of the asshole.
Omfg bro- did you hear about Chris giving his boyfriend a squiddy? That's fucked up, homes.
by Delicious P. Silk April 20, 2006
Squiddy is a insane animatronic squid, created to be the main character in the game Seven Nights At Squiddys. He is based off of iBalliscSquid, a famous youtuber. He is only really seen in night two, so your not killed because you even know what the hell is going on.
"Holy crap!!!!! Squiddy just, like, killed me!!! WHY YOU GOTTA BE SO RUDE?"
by iBallisticSquiddy January 23, 2015

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