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Squdge is a tight, non-sexual hug, such as one would give a loved family member or close friend.
Grandma: "Oh sweetie, come give us a squdge."
by Algor_Langeaux June 18, 2013
When someone comes over to you and pushes your face together in their hands so that you look like some kind of deformed fat baby.
Person One: Come over here I want to squdge your face

Person Two: No go away ¬¬

Person One: *goes over and does it anyway*

Person Two: =(
by vampire129 November 02, 2009
The oozing of mud between one's toes. Heard on a Seattle NPR program titled "Says You!," where a panel of contestants attempt to correctly answer word questions relating to the English language.
The mud squdged as she barefootedly explored the marsh's shore.
by James Miron February 11, 2006
The line on your scrotum that runs vertically up the middle.
I'm gonna kick that homo in the squdge.
Lick my squdge, dickface.
by MC Non Dairy November 07, 2003

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