A punk/hippy/crusty who voluntarily lives a portion of his/her life on the road or hopping trains. Many squatters are against organized work, religion, conservatism, etc. A lot of squatters are also vegetarian or vegan, but not always. They also may decide to bring a guitar, mandolin, or other acoustic instrument on the road to play for money, which is soley invested on meals and road snacks.
That guy's dad was a squatter, can't you tell? They have a VW van and huge plants all around their house...
by max_fool November 02, 2005
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In public toilets one who sits all day on a commode waiting for a penis to come at him through a glory hole.
Hubert sat for three hours on the throne in the toilet at the Gem XXX rated theater and got ten tricks while he was there.
by Richard Black February 27, 2005
people who over stay thier welcome, eat all your food and never repays
We can't get these squatters out of our house!
by Rebecca April 13, 2003
A word used when calling a place on something. Like saving a seat on a comfortable couch.
When I was about to leave the couch I called squatters on my seat so no one would take it
by Forensicator April 19, 2006
Term used for skanks who come to your dwelling and overstay their welcome. During their stay they will bitch about how bad your house is or what necessities you lack in, reguardless of how recently you have moved in. These tricks usually roll in packs and will annoy the piss out of you.
"Dude, these squatters are inhabiting the upstairs with no hope of leaving."

"I fucking hate the fat one."

"Why are the squatters recruiting dick to your house?"

"Did that squatter just tell you a story about shitting herself?
by I Dont Believe This Shit. August 21, 2011
A guy who sits when he pees
I can't believe I got kicked out of cocktail that bouncer was such a squatter.
by Randy Cooter April 04, 2011
A word used to claim one's seat when they are getting up- the person yells "Squatters!" and later says they "called squatters". This reserves the seat for them until they get back. It is also possible to call permanent squatters if you are the first person ever to sit on a brand new couch or chair.
Hey, get out of my spot! I called Squatters!
by JennyGee January 13, 2006
bastards who steal domain names then procede to ransom them for ungodly amounts of money.
A cyber-squatter registered my domain name before I could. That bastard!
by mEtHOs April 14, 2003

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