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A boy or girl who wears tight jeans, white studded belts, black band hoodies, bandanas, nerd glasses, 50's sunglasses, etc. They tend to shop at thrift stores because they're too "cool" to shop anywhere else. Scenesters think they're individual, but they're actually all just conforming to the current trends. You may find them listening to emo, indie, hardcore, synthpop, electronica, and many other subgenres of pop punk.
Girl: I'm a XsceneX slut OMG *GLAMOUR* &hearts; <333 lyk gangsturr. thugUP fo lyfe<333. I'm the biggest scenester on eearth omgz thrift stores : ] and RAAAR. DINOSAURS!!! BLACK AND WHITE!!! CHECKERED VANS!!!

Guy: I'm mother fucking X straight X edge X because it's cooler to be SXE when you could just not do drugs. I listen to the most obscured music as possible so you know I'm scener than you. My band is too cool to play at big venues. Actually, it's because we completely suck at playing music, but we're still too scene to play anywhere big.
by max_fool November 02, 2005
A punk/hippy/crusty who voluntarily lives a portion of his/her life on the road or hopping trains. Many squatters are against organized work, religion, conservatism, etc. A lot of squatters are also vegetarian or vegan, but not always. They also may decide to bring a guitar, mandolin, or other acoustic instrument on the road to play for money, which is soley invested on meals and road snacks.
That guy's dad was a squatter, can't you tell? They have a VW van and huge plants all around their house...
by max_fool November 02, 2005

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