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A dim-witted, unevolved being, typically of short stature, , and with a large belly and a hairy and excrutiatingly ugly appearence. Squat goblins are notorious for their trickery and low morals. One famous squat goblin, going by the pseudonym "J-Train" became infamous after he attempted to sexually assault a female rower twice his strength.
Fear of giving birth to Squat Goblins gave rise to the Pro-Choice movement.
J-train: Hyea Babey
normal female woman: why are you talking to me you little ugly gnome?
J-train: You don't want my sexy little body?

****J-train brings out his bag of tricks and takes of his shirt and massages his hairy third nipple- trying to intice the normal woman

Normal female woman: fuck off you squat goblin! Why does it smell like shit?
by squat golbin22-train May 28, 2007
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