Similar to the word "squirrel." Used to describe almost anything. If used in the negative sense, it means to get screwed. You cannot get squarreled in a good way. Someone that you don't like can also be a squarrel. However, if you do like someone they can be a good squarrel.
You broke my glasses, you stupid squarrel.

Damn guys, I got squarreled at the casino last night.

My math test came back today and I got an F. I think the teacher squarreled me.

I love you so much. You're my favorite squarrel.
by fromage1 June 04, 2010
Top Definition
-a small disagreement between to squirels
As I sat on the park bench I saw two male squirels chase the same female squirel. Soon they bengan to squarrel.
by ------ April 03, 2003
Small furry rodents that terrorize me in my sleep.... they'll take over one day!
Me:AHHHHH! Squarrels!
Squarrel Leader:(Squeaky voice)Quiet small minded human.... i shall proceede to vaporize you! MWHAHAHHAA*cough couch*HAHAHA!
by X-Caity-Marie-X June 22, 2005
To argue like squirrels - shortly and noisily.
I always hear her and her stupid boyfriend squarreling next door.
by CARRIE_PILBY November 13, 2009
A disagreement that occurs during a storm. "A quarrel in a squall".
Justin and Trent were out in the storm, squarrelling.
by Trent the Trucker May 18, 2007
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