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-a small disagreement between to squirels
As I sat on the park bench I saw two male squirels chase the same female squirel. Soon they bengan to squarrel.
by ------ April 03, 2003
-a very jizzy chin
As the bitch kept blowing I warned her to back off but she did not listen and was left with jizzchin.
by ------ April 03, 2003
-A small half asian with no pubic hair.
-A naked refugee.
As I looked under the detour barrel I found a Tsuei.
by ------ April 03, 2003
-a very hairy lesbian
As I watched the porno I was turned off because one of the chicks was a lesbfro.
by ------ April 03, 2003
a child who has been shaving for 10 years and he is only 9 so therefore he was shaving in his mothers whom
hey he is hairy. he is a jub jubs
by ------ November 11, 2003
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