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to hit something with perfect accuracy
damn that bitch squared him in the nuts!
by screwby May 17, 2005
1. A number that is multiplied by itself(to the 2nd power)
2. To a higher degree, used as an intensifier.
4 is 2 squared.
That calculus test was hard squared.
by 5'11"Racer December 07, 2006
squared means sorted, done, completed, roger, ok,

that the job has been done and all is ok

A squaddie telling someone what to do and the other person sayin back it's all squared sgt
sgt: John have you sorted out the wounded personel over there in the RTA (road traffic acciendent)

John: yes sgt, it's all been squared
by buzzinbeeny April 12, 2008
Squared is jizz and milk cumming out of a woman and males nipples. It happens when you get soooo excited that large amounts of milk and jizz leak out of your nipple
Guy 1: Fuck that girl banged me so hard I Squared myself

Guy 2: Wow man thats soo gross whats your problem
Guy 1: i have no clue but it felt so good, i want to burka her face next time.
Guy 2: Dude my girl has a BlueWaffle it wouldn't be right to square on it
by Awwww KS JR MK CS June 25, 2011