A euphemism, referring to the square root of 4761 (which is 69).
Sir and I took a walk out into to woods today, spread out a blanket, and began to square root happily for the rest of the afternoon.
by Ayla February 14, 2005
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(MATHEMATICS) each positive number has another number that, when multiplied times itself, equals that number. So, for example, 4 has a square root of 2 (2 x 2 = 4).

The square root of a negative number is an imaginary number. Imaginary numbers are not, by themselves, useful solutions to math problems; but they can be used to find them.
BILL: Anna, we have a rectangle that's 3 x as long as it is wide, and it encloses an area of 300 square meters. What are the dimensions?

ANNA: Well, that's like 3 squares of 100 square meters. The square root of 100 is 10, so the rectangle is 10 by 30.


The logarithm of a square root is one half the log of the number itself; hence, the natural log of 25 is 3.2189, while the natural log of 5 is 1.6094.
by Abu Yahya April 23, 2010
A sexual position similar to a threesome, only with four people in a square formation. Usually involving two men and two women they all lie in a square formation, with the men facing inwards and women facing outwards. So each person is giving oral and revieving oral, and no two people of the same sex touch eachother.
Dave invited his best mate and two women over to his house for a square root.
by Aeutius March 07, 2012
An excuse for having too much enough free time...
I memorize square roots in my free time...
by SquareRootof5 April 10, 2003
any item of Vans merchandise due to the fact the V is a square root and the word looks like 'Square root of the answer'
Yo, should i wear my Cats or my Square Roots?
by Jonathan floyd January 03, 2006
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