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The offspring of a squirrel and a down syndrome limbless human being. The result is often disturbing, and should you be a squirrel or a limbless down syndrome human being, be sure not to divulge in intercourse with each other. The first ever recorded squagget was named only as "Tobo" and information of his whereabouts has become hard to find, though it is widely expected that he is alone somewhere feasting on pond life, enjoying it. There has been no evidence of decent public approval of the Squagget race, but there has bene recent evidence unearthed a "Squlympics", where squaggets compete against one and other in order to become the chief squagget. The current emperor of the squaggets is unknown, but he is sure to be an evil bastard.
"Hey, look, a squagget on a swing, kick him"
by WillGane May 01, 2008
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