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A squirrel that has either lost or had its tail cut off. Such a squirrel hopping around a yard can resemble a rabbit, so it is thus called a squabbit.
I caught a squabbit trying to steal my nuts.
by Taz Fisch February 06, 2008
An animal that resembles a squirrel or rabbit in combination.
Sometimes a Squirrel without a tail, or a rabbit with a tail.

Usually a malformation or a injury from a fight.
There is one squabbit that I know of. He is located in New York.
by Todd Spalding March 13, 2008
a fuckin ugly animal that is hairy and stinks, and is a

mix between a squirrel and a rabbit inbred together!!!

her pussy was as hairy as a squabbit!
your a fuckin squabbit!
girl you need to shave you beginning to look like a squabbit!
Ben and chase use the word squabbit aevery fuckin day!
by chase truelove June 11, 2006
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