Spyware and Adware cripple more computers per day than any computer virus ever has.

Spyware steals your bandwidth, that you pay for, to send back data as often as every 30 seconds. With a large amount of spyware, your internet will slow down to a crawl. Browser Hijackers are a common form of spyware / Adware.

Most big name computers come with spyware / adware preinstalled. Some spyware / adware will open ports for downloading even more spyware / adware automaticly.

The only PROVEN way to remove spyware and adware is with "Ad-Aware" and "Spybot Search and Destroy" both are free! To help prevent spyware the only PROVEN way is "Spyware Blaster", also free. All these require updates weekly to keep clean.

If installing a P2P or Shareware program that has spyware, DON'T BUY THE FULL VERSION. The only reason these companies are still in business is because of fools and their money. Don't use it and don't buy it!!! Although a program itself may not be spyware/adware, it will have it bundled with it.

Stick with Media Player!!! Most others are infected with spyware or adware.

Google a product before trying it!

Examples for Google Searches:

"Realone spyware"
"Gator spyware"
"Comet Cursor spyware"
"AIM spyware"
"Wildtangent Spyware"
"weatherbug spyware"
"__________ spyware" (fill in the blank with anything you are thinking about installing) If no results are found, try replacing the word "spyware" with the word "adware".

Fact: Google is only known search website that doesn't have some form of Spyware or Adware. Great homepage!

Beware of bogus spyware removal software. Here is a tip! If they advertise their products with pop-ups, banner ads, and etc. DON'T FALL FOR IT!!!

Tip: Try Mozilla's Firefox with the adblock extension. This will help you block all those spyware ads on website.

Castle Cops will help with the removal of spyware, adware, and browser hijackers, for free.
by Doug Hightower September 03, 2005
What windows users spend their time bitching about instead of learning Linux.
If you want to get rid of/prevent spyware, and are too damn "busy" to learn some Linux, you probably should quit using default windows browsers (Internet Explorer) it is a piece of shit. Use Mozilla Firefox... Its a free web browser, that will save your life. Maybe you could even get a firewall, who knows, the possibilities are endless. Wipe your HDD if you have to, just don't spend time and money on spyware "removal" utilities
Windows user: I must be rally stupid.
Linux user: Yes you are.
For all windows users: www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/central.html
download and use that browser, its the best
by Lee November 25, 2004
Spyware is basically any piece of software that is installed in your computer without your knowledge. They can do a number of things like for example, taking over a part of your system, say your internet browser and always bring you to their site whenever you type an address. There are multiple versions of these kinda programs. Another common one keeps track of what you do online and offline and sends this information to its own company, or sells them to other companies.
Get rid of them by using Ad-aware or Spybots, found in www.download.com.
by http://zuldevil.rocks.it March 03, 2004
Spyware installs itself on your computer after being contracted from a website or banner ads, where it secretly collects information about you and your computer, floods you with pop-ups, etc. Multiple instances of spyware can make your computer run about the same speed as Doom 3 on an Atari 2600. Also one of the main reasons so many people have stopped using Internet Explorer. Somewhat similar to a virus, but is rarely as damaging as one.
Oh noes! This spyware makes counter-strike run like crap!
by Anonymous January 21, 2005
A Program Stealthly installed onto your computer that tracks what websites you visit, etc. Bundled With P2P Programs and various other Freeware.
Kazaa and Grokster come with loads of spyware!
by BoOchan September 20, 2003
Intrusive programs downloaded into your computer when you visit certain disreputable web sites. They track your web surfing preferences and can be used to corrupt your computer or to generate spam mail or even to steal your credit card information.
If you are reading this site, your computer is infected with Adserver and FastClick
by J E Walker May 02, 2003
Spyware is something on your computer that "impairs "users' control over material changes that affect their user experience, privacy or system security; use of their system resources, including what programs are installed on their computers; or collection, use and distribution of their personal or otherwise sensitive information."
That was the definition of spyware agreed on by the Anti-Spyware Coalition.
by bobie July 12, 2005
Spyware is installed without your knowing. It is able to change your homepage, give you massive porno ads, change your WALLPAPER (I know a friend that it happened to) and slow down your computer. Get rid of it using ad-aware. Also see saten, evil, geeks malware and adware
Would you like to subscribe to a free hentai E-Zine?

-Spyware popup
by Jim June 21, 2004

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