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spyspace is a free service for which registration is now closed that allows myspace users to track who visits their page and when

it works by the user embedding a certain very small image or file on their page with html code. when other users visit the page and load the embedded image, spyspace records who requested the data and when. users with spyspace accounts may view the userphoto, username, and ip address of visitors to their page as well as the times they visited and what they were linked to the page from

great for stalking or finding out that youre being stalked
i just got a spyspace account off ebay for 50$ and i dont feel like a stalker or a loser at all
by skarphedinn February 03, 2006
Systematic utilization of MySpace to "spy" on people you know.
Girl: Hey I need to go so I can get on SpySpace and get the latest gossip on everyone.

Random Person: Phsycho.
by Gray84 August 23, 2009
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