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mortal enemy of kebo

king of pimpin negros
<spyder>dang nigga
<kebo>shut up redneck
<spyder>fiendish you
by franktherabbit May 31, 2004
12 19
A convertible model of an automobile.
by Kluth January 20, 2003
79 26
A line of Paintball Markers manufactured by Kingman Group. Spyder utilizes the blowback design which is generally aimed for beginners and novice speedball players as well as woodsball/scenario players. The line includes the VS(VS1, VS2, and VS3) series, the RS series, And the Classics Such as the X-tra, Rodeo, TL, Victor, Sonix, Electra, Fenix, etc.
1) Paintballer 1 : "Dude that guy is a total n00b. He is using a spider X-tra"

Paintballer 2: "He probably got it from Wallmart!"

2) Paintballer 1: "Dude this gun chops paintballs every time"

Paintballer 2: "No shit! its a Spyder!"
by AccessibleFurniture May 28, 2009
24 7
its a ski clothing brand
yo that spyder jacket is hot
by PeTe January 09, 2004
32 24
paintball company
spyders are a good choice for beginner paintballers.
by Anonymous July 11, 2003
44 39
one who exemplifies the qualities of Spyder (Michael Imperioli's character in Goodfellas). Known for their pattented "spyder-switch," which is when he/she changes their previous words once they realize they were wrong. Also can count as acting in a manipulative or shady way.
This kid was such a spyder, he said he was going to let me copy his homework, but instead he handed it in early.

Floyd Landis is spydering the public.
by Spyda May 23, 2007
13 10
A surf shop at the north end of hermosa beach, on PCH.
"ahh shit, Spyder is gonna win the South Bay surf shop showdown again, damn."
by Osbrosis Jones January 22, 2007
5 14