1) an eyesore on the highway between somewhere and "lack of" Hope, British Columbia, Canada. population now in negative numbers.

2) male ejaculatory fluids.
1) I took a wrong turn and ended up in Spuzzum. Won't do that again.

2) She swallowed my spuzzum
by David Lemley June 24, 2004
Top Definition
town on the trans canada highway north of hope, recently experienced a fire which destroyed their store,post office, and museum, only one building burnt down, formerly a population of 60, now less, all visible remements are a sign spraypainted on the side of the highway pointing to "spuzzum indian reservation"
i blinked and missed spuzzum
by matt June 12, 2004
town on the outskirts of hope B.C. Canada. Population of 8.
dude i fucking love spuzzum!
by Whiteboy February 23, 2004
Also a town in Cana-duh.
Find that stupid town on the map, ah oh yeah, "Spuzzum". Sounds like jizm.
by Dick Dickson January 30, 2003
wad, load, man juice
Somethings, in your hair. Oh my god, its spuzzum!
by Dick Dickson January 30, 2003
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