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town on the outskirts of hope B.C. Canada. Population of 8.
dude i fucking love spuzzum!
by Whiteboy February 23, 2004
9 12
town on the trans canada highway north of hope, recently experienced a fire which destroyed their store,post office, and museum, only one building burnt down, formerly a population of 60, now less, all visible remements are a sign spraypainted on the side of the highway pointing to "spuzzum indian reservation"
i blinked and missed spuzzum
by matt June 12, 2004
18 7
1) an eyesore on the highway between somewhere and "lack of" Hope, British Columbia, Canada. population now in negative numbers.

2) male ejaculatory fluids.
1) I took a wrong turn and ended up in Spuzzum. Won't do that again.

2) She swallowed my spuzzum
by David Lemley June 24, 2004
13 16
Also a town in Cana-duh.
Find that stupid town on the map, ah oh yeah, "Spuzzum". Sounds like jizm.
by Dick Dickson January 30, 2003
6 13
wad, load, man juice
Somethings, in your hair. Oh my god, its spuzzum!
by Dick Dickson January 30, 2003
9 16