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generally recognised as meaning a used condom, but more commonly used as an insult
Fuck off you spunkbag!
by anonymous October 28, 2003
21 8
A spunk bag is a condom. A bag to catch your spunk.
Tasha and Charlene would hang around the doggers car park picking up the used spunk bags and drinking what was in them.
by Big Baws April 21, 2006
96 14
Adj. - A female douche bag. A girl who goes to the bar and/or club every night. She drives a hummer, wears $200 jeans, and sleeps with douche bags in Affliction t-shirts. She constantly takes pictures of herself in her hummer, in her bikini, sitting on her couch, or wherever she is ever single minute of the day and posts them on Facebook for no goddamn apparent reason. No one really cares about this person, but she's hot, so she gets attention.
Oh look, Tamara was at Club Liquid last night, again, and she posted a picture of it on Facebook, again, and she's with a guy with a little dick again. That girl likes little dicks. What a Spunk Bag.
by HungusAmungus June 30, 2012
3 0
Another words for testicles.
"Shut up you horses spunkbag"
by ashman November 23, 2003
5 6
refering to a female one either intends to deposit one's cum in or has done so. a spunk bag's sole purpouse is/will be to be fucked and cummed in. spunkbags are most often fugly, retarded or black
That bitch was nothing but a spunkbag, why would i ever want to speak to her again!?
by vojtart April 12, 2006
6 8