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A doughnut made with potato flour.
Doughnuts are okay, but spudnuts, man are those a fluffy bit o' cop heaven!
by Mel Biggs June 01, 2006
A sexual move wherein a man ejaculates into a cored potato, and gives to a woman to eat it.

Invented in Alaska and preferred among many local politicians.
Sarah went after that spudnut like a mama grizzly!
by schmendt January 29, 2011
when your eating supper, your friend gets up to go to the bathroom and you dip your balls in his mashed potatos
Justin doesn't know that he had spud nuts last night
by chow-yung-phat January 26, 2003
A piece of shit person who leaves their baby to die in a dumpster near USC and calls it a day.
"Give me back my cheetos fuckbutt, fucking....spudnut!"
"Hey spudnut, how many fingers am I holding up?"
by Matt Granados May 13, 2006
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