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a male follower of The Sweet Potato Queens. He is a "sweet-talking, fancy-dancing, love-making, jewelry-buying, handy-andy" in service to any and all SPQ's. The SPUD STUD has his own magic words. "Oh, NO ! Let ME handle that."
Spud Stud Scott took care of all my errands today and had my oil changed and made dinner just for me.
by spud stud scott July 25, 2009

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Despite being a couch potato, the guy can wank it, yank it and plank it all night long. Much desired by spudbunnies.
I hear that Norval got into Wendy's potato patch last night during a Seinfeld re-run! That Norval is one mean spudstud!
by Jim Lawrance October 24, 2006
an unattractive fat man from Idaho.
Dude. I live downstairs from a spud stud
by Rylee Strange December 14, 2006