Originally from Houston, Texas, (most notably DJ Screw, Mike Jones, Slim Thug, Paul Wall, etc.) a term meant to describe the mixture of perscription cough syrup (Promethazine, Cough Syrup w/ Hydro codone (although thats red), cough syrup w/ codine) with Sprite and a jolly rancher or other hard candy at the bottom. This is also referred to as Purple drank, barr, syrup, oil,lean, screw, drank, etc.
- Hey friend, what have you been drinking on? What is in your white cup?

- Come here and I'll show you how to make that Sprite Remix friend.
by ShankSF January 18, 2008
A toxic/acidic substance bottled in corrode-proof plastic, not to be confused with Pepsi Blue.
I almost died ingesting this crap.
by He who likes Bukkake March 03, 2005
when you drink it, it's as if you're choking on gummy bears.
sprite remix is crap
by monotone_man January 10, 2005
poison distributed by coca-cola
don't drink sprite remix, that stuff is poison.
by d-Mack May 02, 2004
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