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It's when your stomach bulges out so far that you pretend that you are having a baby and want to go on the Jerry Springer show.
Imel says "Lets go outside dude," while showing his springer gut.
by Barry Levit January 03, 2004
When your stomach is so obesely fat, you pretend that you are having a baby, and on Jerry Springer.
Imel is having a baby, you can tell by the size of his Springer gut.
by Chemlab_Anetheron December 30, 2003
The gut of death. When viewed from the side, it looks like the person who has the gut is having a baby. This gut seems to make shirts keep themselves lifted, and typically, one has to cut holes in sheets in order to wear clothes with such a gut.
Hey, poppy seed boy, show us your Springer gut!
by Justin Redman January 03, 2004
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