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A vagina so fresh and so clean that it reminds you of glacial spring water. The differentiating factor between a clean vagina and a spring water vag is scent; a spring water vag has absolutely no odor where as a clean vagina has a very faint aroma of femininity (i.e. fish). Spring water vag cannot be obtained by cleansing - no amount of douching can return a seasoned vagina to the unadulterated state of spring water vag.
“Yo dude, what happened to you at the party last night?”

“Oh, I snuck out early with this hot little slut. She had the best spring water vag ever! I went to town for hours and not even the slightest off scent! Smell my hand! What do you smell? Nothing! She had the cleanest puss I ever tasted.”
by romeojul October 14, 2011
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