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The concept was alluded to in the July 19, 2005 article “Are Self-identified Bisexuals Just Lying to Us—or to Themselves?” by Daryl J. Bem. The term “spouseosexual” was publicly coined by Dr. Warren Throckmorton in a March 14, 2008 blog post entitled “Which is the real me?” In a Dec 23, 2008 post comment, Dr. Throckmorton spelled it “spousosexual.”

The concept refers to people who are primarily attracted to persons of the same-sex and are attracted to or have developed attraction to their opposite-sex spouse but are not attracted others of the opposite-sex.
“I wonder how many married guys on the down low are really spousosexual?”

“Dave never felt he was gay, straight or bi because he had the hots only for men and his wife. Spousosexual seemed much more appropriate to him.”
by A Spousosexual Man January 06, 2010
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