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butt fuck, anal sex, inserting a penis into a butt hole...u get it
My boyfriend and I sporked last night and it really hurt.
by poiuyt January 07, 2006
Spooning while incidentally giving the shocker
Spooning is soft, caring, intimate, gay, and non productive so I gave her the spork instead.
by The Dave August 01, 2008
The act of placing one's scrut onto the forehead of another individual. Typically, the individual receiving the spork (one who is sporked) is surprised by the fact that the spork takes place.
Jimmy passed out on the bed the other night - he was so unconscious that three dudes sporked him and he never flinched. I can't believe they got their scruts right on his face!
by Jared A. June 02, 2007
1. A crossbreed between the fork and the spoon invented in the 1940's to handle a crisis in Japan.
2.Alternate uses:weapons for countries who can't afford guns, Sporkinator (action figure), and hang from rear view mirrors
In modern society, it is important to ensure that you do not offend anyone with your spork. So please, only use sporks when the meal calls for them. Serving sporks with no suitable alternative is not acceptable when soups or sauces are a dominant portion of the meal in question.

As far as placesetting with your spork, simply substitute the dinner fork with the spork, leaving the knife and the salad fork present (eat lettuce with a spork? never!). You may wish to leave the spoon present in case their are "spork-ignorant" guests.

When using a spork to eat mashed potatoes out of a styrofoam container, it is common courtesy to leave a little "spork waste" at the bottom rather than scrape the styrofoam with the spork to get every last morsel. If you must have every little bit of potato, please use your finger.
by kevin February 21, 2004