To launch
Johnny: What is that apparatus with which you are sporking feces at the bus boy?

Billy: That's my chack-twackler.

Johnny: What's a chack-twackler?

Billy: A penis.

Johnny: Oh.
by Wyatt Edwards September 11, 2009
I-- a utensil used for eating// part spoon and part fork
II-- a dorky nickname for the one you love
III-- a sexual act in which 2 american girls and 1 british boy are involved in
IV-- a feeling of unsettled facts between friends, or a fight
a- "I always use a spork at KFC."
b- "You are spork, and I'm your kfork."
c- "Did you hear about that Alex and those girls? Dude, they sporked!"
d- "What's wrong? I just sporked my friend."
by Samanthaaaa&Cadyyyy March 08, 2008
the combination of the joiing of a fork and a spoon.
"They dont have forks and spoons, only sporks."

"OMG Becky! He sporked me last night!"
by K-Faye February 18, 2008
the act of spooning that leads into the act of porking.
A quiet night of cuddling in front of the TV led to a vigorous late-night spork.
by mothershed October 08, 2007
a mutated spoon
sporks are an abominaition to the spoon alliance
the best thing ever made. A mixture between a spoon and a fork. the spork shall rule all. FEAR THE SPORK RESPECT THE SPORK BE THE SPORK
Person 1: I got a spork at Taco Bell today.
Person 2: Omg i am so jeleaous...can i have it???
by Sara ruler of the spork October 26, 2005
gay spooning (between two or more males)

-ing (The act of spooning except between 2 or more males)
Roy: "Dude I wanna do something fun tonight."

Brian: "Like what?"

Roy: "Wanna try sporking again like last night?"

Brian: "Ok just go easy this time, remember ur my first."
by PimpMasta C January 01, 2009
the random shaving of a northern-himalayan yak, usually involving some sort of anal penetration involving cheese-whiz.........yep
"I just shaved my Yak..and I'm all out of Cheese Whiz...shitty...oh yeah...spork
by readermcneil December 12, 2005

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