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Similar to lol or rofl. A sudden burst of laughter, usually stifled, frequently brought on by a sight gag or rim shot.

It is most often used as a verb, but may also be used as a noun.
A: Oh my goodness, that man's megaphone is larger than his head!

B: *sporfle*
by Corisa July 06, 2006
Originally defined as "to laugh while drinking so that your beverage comes out your nose, or the sound one makes while doing this", it has since also acquired the meaning of making fun of something in the manner of Daily Sporfle, i. e. to take bad grammar literally and talk or write as though it means what it actually said, rather than what it was intended to mean.
1. (Im person A)So then, out of the blue, Chris starts singing Yankee Doodle!

(IM person B)*sporfles*

2. From a story: Red and gold hangings struck her (Hermione's) eyes.

A commenter: "Ow! My eyes! Stupid hangings!" Hermione muttered.
by P.Cranefly February 08, 2007
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