1.One who needs to man-up, play snow football, and stop drinking tea before his penis turns into a vagina.

2. Someone with very odd looking genitals

Also see pussy
Most figure skaters are Spooters
by H-D Rules December 03, 2003
Top Definition
Man who has not had sex in a loong time and ejaculates alot while having sex

see skeeter
You farking spooter

Many chix know a lot of spooters
by Twitchin'one October 17, 2004
To be with or without pants, preferrably without... definitely no pants. (see pance)
toadly spooter (see toadly)
by Anonymous August 09, 2003
A daily deal. Discounted deal.
She went to spooter online and got a certificate for half price!
by J Giddy July 19, 2011

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