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festy wrong filthy in a very wombat seminal dried buttplug kind of way
my cock was spoonty after fucking that emu
by mary\'s little lamb June 26, 2003
6 29
Common Australian slang term meaning ejaculated semen (or the process of).
"she licked the spoont off her lips."

"I spoont on her face."

by Rebecca Cullum September 18, 2006
38 6
Aussie slang popularised by The Picute Magazine, meaning 'to ejaculate.'Spoont' usually refers to the act and 'Spoonta' as the product. It's aslo used as an exclamation of attractiveness.
"Did you see that girl, mate? Spoont!"
"Sadly, my undies are crusty with spoonta."
by dogboy1 May 25, 2008
10 5