A sexual inuendo for many sexual acts like blow jobs or eating out.
Kayla put the spoon in her mouth and removed it slowly, and Ashlyn yelled "Kayla, nice spoonage!" Dan then offered her more spoonage while cooking.
#spoonage #sexual inuendo #inuendo #dan #spoons
by jmb11111 March 11, 2009
Top Definition
when you spoon with someone in bed and your bodies fit perfectly together you have achieved spoonage
me and my honey reached spoonage last night under the stars
by spooner July 18, 2004
attending wetherspoons pub, usually very often.

"You up for spoonage tonight"

"The plan tonight is a bit of spoonage i hear"
#whetherspoons #spoon #spoonage #spooning #pub
by jasminda-govinda April 21, 2009
combination of carniage and spoons

The bruises, cuts and other bodily injuries resulting from the card game of spoons.
Carrie had some serious spoonage following the rather violent game of spoons in Vegas.

Brent's spoonage is finally starting to heal.
#spoons #card games #bruises #cuts #sponage
by Rallywife March 07, 2009
When a person grabs a plastic spoon(or spork), puts some kind of food on its end and flicks the food in another's face
Alex had some major spoonage on Mike at the lunch table
by Gabe November 10, 2003
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